Henry LiquidFoil™ Attic Barrier

Why choose Henry LiquidFoil™?

Considering other energy-saving upgrades to your home? Choosing Henry LiquidFoil™ provides a less expensive, energy saving solution that can lead to long-term results. Below offers a comprehensive comparison of LiquidFoil™ to sheet-applied, attic insulation and other liquid barriers.

Potential energy savings with LiquidFoil™

No matter how much insulation there is in the attic, homeowners are still spending a lot of money on energy to keep their home cool in the summer and warm in the winter. For example, when cold 78° air is blown through air conditioning ducts in an attic that can reach temperatures well over 100°, even extra insulation is no match for the job. Cooling equipment has to work harder and longer. However, there is a simple and cost effective solution that can be applied in less than one day.

High attic temperature means high energy costs

Radiant heat from the sun penetrates the roof, warming interior attic surfaces below. The heat continues to radiate downward, through the ceiling and into the house. The air conditioning system – particularly one with poorly insulated ductwork in the attic – works harder, driving energy costs higher.

Lower attic temperature means lower energy costs

Radiant heat from the sun still penetrates the roof, but LiquidFoil™ Attic Barrier keeps up to 80% of it from entering the attic – and the rest of the house below. Air conditioning systems work much more efficiently, cutting costs by up to 15%.

Savings in winter, too

During the winter months, radiant heat produced by a heating system goes into the attic and escapes through the roof. LiquidFoil™ Attic Barrier helps to trap that heat inside, keeping the house warmer for less money.