Solar Powered Attic Fans

A home that is not properly ventilated will deteriorate faster over time vs. a properly ventilated home.

Solar powered attic fans take their energy from the sun so there's no need for wiring. A solar attic fan is an inexpensive way to make your home more energy efficient and they also help you save money. Solar powered attic fans provide benefits year-round, even in the winter by preventing moisture build-up that might dampen insulation, contribute to mold growth, structural rot, or damage items stored in the attic. In addition, a solar attic fan increases the life of your roof by keeping it at a lower temperature, reducing moisture buildup. Since your roof is a major investment in your home, solar attic fans help protect this investment.  Letting your attic breathe is an important aspect of maintaining a energy efficient home and the performance of your A/C system.  Attic fans provide an effective ventilation solution by continuously removing attic heat resulting in a more comfortable home that requires less energy to cool.