3H Air Conditioning and Heating Maintenance Plans

We check the entire system of interacting, functional components that must work together to heat and cool your home, condo or office. This is not a quick superficial “look around”, or an excuse to sell you other parts and services.

Our total system cleaning and maintenance program checks the following:

  • All electrical parts, such as; contacts, relays, control boards and fuses. 
  • Mechanical components wear or get misaligned, so we check the fan motors, the belts and hoses, reversing valves, suction accumulators, expansion devices, plus blower wheels, blower housings, the blower motor, your drain pan and drain lines.
  • We do a chemical cleaning of the evaporator coils AND the condenser coils and we will refill / balance refrigerant pressures.
  • We measure the inlet air temperatures and outlet air temperature which tells us about the “health” of your system.
  • We finish with a real operational check of the heating and cooling modes to make sure it’s all working at it should, before we leave.

We’ll need about an hour or two to complete our work, it doesn’t matter how long it takes, or what problems may occur in doing the job, the price stays the same. With 3H Contracting Maintenance Plans you also save 10% on additional service or supplied that may occur, helping you save money.

Give us a call today at 813-979-4208 for any questions or to sign up...