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3H Contracting Inc. is a family owned, state licensed Mechanical Contractor, specializing in HVAC services and design.

We specialize in the design, construction, installation and maintenance of replacement heating & air conditioning systems for commercial and institutional buildings. We are Florida State licensed, as both a General Contractor (#CGC008510) and as a Mechanical Contractor (#CMC1249567).

Our work is licensed, insured and fully guaranteed. Our design staff and installation technicians are bonded, drug-tested, employment screened and highly trained.

Call us today at 813-979-4208. We can provde formal quotes in your preferred document form, meet with you in person or dicsuss on the phone. We can work from your RFP and/or bid package pre-defined by your architect. Contact 3H Commercial HVAC to design, build, install and maintain your industrial / commercial air conditioning and heating systems.

No job is too big or small; we’ve done them all. 3H Commercial HVAC can repair and maintain any HVAC system of any size.

The founder of 3H Commercial HVAC, Thomas H. Hebert, is an inventor and engineer of energy efficient HVAC products. He has been emphasizing the importance of science and “green” efficiency, for years, long before it was popular or trendy. Making a “science of service” has been the way 3H technicians have interacted with customers and solved their problems for more than 30 years. 3H employs some of the most experienced heating & air conditioning designers, fabricators and installation technicians in all of Florida. With industry-leading training and continuing education, our staff uses the newest scientific approaches to help you own and operate the best HVAC systems available for your building.

3H Commercial HVAC can help with new HVAC system(s) designed specifically for your commercial building. We can repair or replace legacy systems as they become worn or maintain the current equipment to maximize its life cycle. Our full service approach is unlike many other HVAC contractor, because we treat you like family. 3H Commercial HVAC is different, because we do include you in our family.

Commercial HVAC Repair and Maintenance Services

3H Commercial HVAC specializes in the planned preventative maintenance of industrial and commercial heating and air conditioning systems. The reliability of the HVAC systems in your commercial building, office complex, warehouse, distribution facility or retail space is critical to maintaining business work-flow and tenant satisfaction. If you are taking calls from staff or tenants about hot/cold zones, the lack of heat or cooling, or odd system noises. Our service technicians can do a complete system assessment, identify the problem and offer solutions. We know that HVAC system maintenance is not a “top of my list” item for most building owners, but just like changing the oil in your vehicles, it is too expensive to delay. The consequences of waiting too long can be un-necessarily expensive and disruptive to your business.

3H Commercial HVAC can schedule a commercial HVAC system “check-up” today. Properly maintained commercial heating and air conditioning equipment promotes efficiency and is directly responsible for lower energy cost by lowering the building’s energy bills. Every building is different, so we do on-site, in-depth inspections and conduct system audits that show an ROI, life-cycle projections, for budget planning and a plan to optimize the existing HVAC system. There are not too many commercial HVAC systems that we CAN'T make more energy efficient and optimize to improve the operational life span.

Ask about 3H Commercial HVAC maintenance and repair service contracts for your commercial building, office space, warehouse, distribution centers or retail locations. We’ll do the pre-scheduled equipment inspections that guarantee dependability and maximum life from your existing heating and air conditioning unit(s). The service teams from 3H Commercial HVAC are our direct employees, not sub-contractors.

Replacement of Commercial HVAC Systems

The single largest monthly expense item a building owner faces is the power bill. The efficiency of your HVAC system greatly influences your on-going cost, month after month and year after year. You have probably made the switch to low-power consumption light bulbs, just to save pennies per week. Why not pre-plan the replacement of your HVAC system, with one that is designed and engineered to be more power efficient too? Call or email us today.

3H Commercial HVAC takes the time necessary to help building owners understand the life cycle of commercial-grade heating and air conditioning systems. Replacing your HVAC unit(s) is a scary thought. It’s a big purchase. Will it disrupt the working operation of the building? How will it affect your tenants? Not many building owners are HVAC experts, so there is research to do and bids / quotes to gather, all before signing that purchase order. We want to help, because the more you know, the easier it is to have confidence in us.

We are proud of the quality and workmanship performed by our staff. Your tenants will never notice our service, but you will. Our quotes/bids are competitive and fair, even with the high standards we require. We have many commercial references available, upon request. We are appropriately licensed, bonded and our work is guaranteed. Our staff and technicians are drug-tested, employment screened and arrive wearing uniforms with ID cards.

When it’s time for a replacement HVAC system for your commercial or industrial building, you can depend on 3H Commercial HVAC.