HVAC New Construction Design

If you are a building contractor, building owner or facilities manager looking for a new construction HVAC contractor, 3H Commercial HVAC is the trusted name to know.

We’ve been successfully bidding /quoting HVAC jobs, for more than 30 years.

The engineering and design team at 3H Commercial HVAC considers your entire project, including how the buildings will function, in real daily use. We plan, build and install the most efficient HVAC systems available, for your specific building.

3H Commercial HVAC designs and installs industrial air conditioning and heating services for owners of both large and small building(s). We listen to your needs and scale the project to fit your property. This is why we are competitively priced, but deliver a system that is more in tune with the completed project. Every customer is different and every job is unique. Are you building or re-purposing a basic brick-and-mortar storefront, a sheetrock and metal strip center, a shopping mall or a 45 story office complex? 3H Commercial HVAC has the prior experience, references and credentials to back up our reputation for quality work and our warranty. Once your new system is installed, we offer a complete commercial building management system that eliminates your worries about the HVAC system, and it’s priced at extremely competitive rates.

Our staff takes pride in designing / installing the most economical and energy-efficient industrial systems possible. Every penny counts, whether your commercial building is large or small, a franchise storefront, a mall, a school, or a high rise office. All 3H Commercial HVAC designs will save the end-use building operator, time and money in the form of reduced utility costs and maintenance issues.

Air quality is an emerging issue for building contractors and owners. Poor air-flow and poor humidity control in offices, schools, older hospitals and other working buildings create complaints about “Indoor Air Quality” (IAQ).

3H Commercial HVAC designers and technicians are indoor air quality (IAQ) and mildew control experts. That’s important, if you are building “new” or re-purposing an existing facility. Incorrectly engineered HVAC systems can be inefficient to operate and negatively impact employee/occupant productivity. A single recent study by the NIOSH (National Institute of Occupational Safety & Health) reports that poor air quality from unclean air ducts can leave building occupants 60% more likely to develop complaints or measurable respiratory ailments. That means IAQ / Sick Building Syndrome complaints are emerging as critical health, environmental, and legal topics that need to be addressed, early on, in the design build process. 3H Commercial HVAC pays attention to detail and focuses on your buildings lifecycle and its use by all occupants. We want to assure you that your company’s reputation will be in great hands.