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Air Quality – Ventilation

Breathe easier with smarter ventilation

Air is awesome.  Especially ice cold air on a hot Florida day!  But, not all air is made equal… some air is fit to breathe, but some, not so much.  You want to bring healthy air in and push unhealthy air out. In a nutshell, that’s the essence of air ventilation.

From indoor air quality upgrades to bath and kitchen fans, 3H designs and installs effective ventilation systems.

Here's a rundown of our home ventilation services.
Fung Shui the Air Way!

Breathe fresh air again! Removing moisture, odors, and combustion gases makes your home comfortable and safe. But you can’t just install any equipment in any room and expect it to work. That’s why 3H designs and installs:

  • Bathroom fans and kitchen hoods that are properly sized for your space
  • Exhaust air and make-up air systems for gas appliances that virtually eliminate the possibility of carbon monoxide leaks
  • Ventilation for clothes dryers using hard pipe ductwork, not the flex stuff
  • Chimney liners that comply with modern ventilation codes

Freshen up your space! Getting clean air into your home is just as important as pushing stale, dirty air out. We take indoor air quality (IAQ) seriously – it’s an essential part of a healthy living space. To that end, we help you select and install:

  • Fresh air systems for advanced air filtration and purification
  • Dehumidifiers with fresh air ventilation controls
  • Energy recovery ventilators (ERVs) for balanced ventilation in high performance construction
  • Custom ventilation systems to maintain a proper pressure balance throughout your home

What Our Clients Say

Emily C.

Tampa, Florida

We have been working with 3H for about 6 years now. Their technicians are always prompt, honest, and helpful. Their pricing is very competitive. I would recommend them to anyone.

Katana E.

Sarasota, Florida

My air conditioner went out over a week ago. When I noticed my a/c wasn't working, and it was tripping the inside breaker. I reached out to 3H contracting the owner Brian sent Tristan out the very next day. Definitely will use them in the future for all my a/c & heating needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Air fresheners and candles will mask odors, but to get rid of them permanently you need to find out what is causing them. Bacteria, dust mites and mold may be lurking in your AC system and ductwork. Poor ventiliation may also be a culprit. Our qualitifed 3HAC Service technician can inspect your home, determine the root cause of the odors, and make recommendations on how to eliminate them.

The health of each member of a household will help determine the best IAQ product to purchase. If there are very few allergy sufferers and pets in the household, you may benefit from a simple solution such as a better air filter. If you have people very sensitive to irritants living in the house, an air purification system may be appropriate. We will seek to understand the needs of your household before we go over the indoor air quality products that may be beneficial to your household.

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