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Ductless Mini-Split Systems

Ductless Mini-Split Systems Deliver Comfort with Flexibility

A ductless mini-split is a multi-zone system can provide heating and air conditioning in buildings that don’t have central HVAC system. A single-zone can provide cooling and heating in additions that aren’t connected to existing ductwork.

Also, ductless AC and heating systems includes a thermostat with each unit so you can adjust the temperature from room to room. They are composed of three main components—an indoor unit consisting of a coil and a fan, an outdoor compressor unit and a remote control—ductless heating and cooling units are connected by refrigerant lines and require no ductwork.

The indoor unit can be mounted on the wall or in the ceiling. Trane’s ductless cooling and heating units have Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratings (SEER) ranging from 16.00 to 22.00, making the systems remarkably efficient and environmentally friendly.

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Ductless Mini-Split Repairs, Maintenance & Installations at an Honest Price

Your Local Tampa Bay AC Repair Experts

When it comes to Mini Split services, you can rely on the expertise of 3H AC of Tampa’s trusted experts. Our technicians are well-equipped with the skills, knowledge, and tools to efficiently address most problems on the spot.

Upon arrival at your home, our 3H AC technician will take the time to thoroughly assess your system and explain all available options for repair, maintenance or installation, ensuring you can make informed decisions before any work commences. We service and repair most brands of equipment, guaranteeing a professional results you can trust and we offer affordable maintenance plans to keep your ductless AC system running reliably and efficiently.

At 3H AC, your satisfaction is our top priority, and we won’t rest until you are pleased with our services. Count on us for exceptional and efficient solutions and a hassle-free experience tailored to your needs.

Signs that Your Mini-Split AC System is in Need of Repair

These AC systems offer unique advantages for optimal home comfort, but like any heating and cooling solution, they can encounter issues that require attention. Recognizing common signs of mini-split AC system problems is essential:

Leaking Water  If your mini-split is leaking water, it’s time to call a professional for repair. The issue may lie with a clogged or torn drain line, preventing proper drainage and causing leaks.

Not Operating Properly  An obvious sign for repair is when your mini-split A/C system fails to function correctly. For instance, it may blow hot air when you want cooling, often due to ice formation on the coils.

Odd Noises  A properly functioning mini-split A/C system should operate quietly. Any unusual sounds like popping or gurgling require inspection by a professional technician from 3H AC

Strong Odor Distinct and strong odors from your mini-split A/C system indicate the need for inspection and possible repair. If you notice a burning smell, it signals an electrical problem that should be addressed promptly by a professional.

Regardless of the mini-split issue at hand, 3H AC’s expert technicians will assess your needs before conducting any work. Trust us to guide you in making the best decisions for your family and Tampa, FL home, ensuring your system operates efficiently and keeps your comfort a top priority.

Our Ductless Mini-Split AC Service Areas

We serve Hillsborough, Pinellas and Pasco counties and surrounding areas

Brandon, FL
Carrollwood, FL
Dade City, FL

Land O’ Lakes, FL
Lutz, FL
Odessa, FL

Palm Harbor, FL
St. Petersburg, FL
Tampa, FL

Temple Terrace, FL
Wesley Chapel, FL

What is the Difference Between Mini-Split ACs and Traditional HVAC ACs?

Traditional HVAC systems offer reliable cooling options for your home, but if you seek an even more efficient and beneficial cooling solution, consider investing in a mini-duct AC system. To aid your decision-making process, here are some key differences between mini-split and traditional HVAC AC systems:

COST  Mini-split AC systems, while providing enhanced efficiency and comfort for your home, do come with a slightly higher price tag compared to traditional HVAC installations.

INSTALLATION One advantage of mini-split systems is their easy installation. Smaller conduits are used to connect indoor to outdoor units, simplifying the process.

FLEXIBILITY  Mini-split AC systems shine in their flexibility, allowing homeowners to cool different rooms at varying temperatures, each with its own thermostat, while still powered by the same outdoor unit. This adds extra comfort throughout the home.

EFFICIENCY  Mini-split systems boast energy savings due to their lack of ducts. Traditional systems, on the other hand, experience up to 30% energy losses through ducts, according to the Department of Energy. A more efficient cooling system translates to reduced monthly energy bills for your Tampa home.

Rest assured, 3H AC’s expert technicians will thoroughly assess your cooling needs before proceeding with any work, enabling you to make the best decision for your family and your Florida home.


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