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Indoor Air Quality

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Trust Our Indoor Air Quality Experts to Help You Breathe Easier

No matter where we turn, we are bombarded by chemicals and other allergens that make comfortable, symptom-free breathing a challenge. It’s a fact of life for most of us, but also one that can make breathing even more difficult for allergy and asthma sufferers. At 3H AC, we recognize that everyone benefits from cleaner indoor air. We believe that everyone deserves to be able to breathe easily and rest comfortably in their home or place of employment.

Modern Air Quality Products Help You Battle Indoor Pollutants

You can tell if you have indoor air quality (IAQ) challenges if you, your family or others who visit your home tend to experience breathing or other related symptoms on a regular basis. If so, it’s time to consider one of the many modern IAQ solutions that are specifically designed to eliminate or deactivate many airborne pollutants.

Your heating and air conditioning system does much more than adjust the temperature in your home. It also filters out dirt and other particles floating in the air. Most HVAC systems come with standard air filters that can catch larger particles, so you don’t have to breathe them in. However, there are additional tools you can invest in to improve your health.

Air Filtration Technology Addresses a Variety of IAQ Issues

The technology that underlies today’s air cleaning and air purification products helps provide practical solutions to problems that have become everyday realities for so many of us. These products are based on sound scientific principles that help minimize free-floating allergens in the home. Each of the following air quality products is designed to address a specific IAQ issue you may currently be facing:

    • Air Cleaners: These include air filters, which capture and remove particulate matter from the air, and air purifiers, which trap pollutants and then use an electrical charge to inactivate them.
    • UV Lamps: These HVAC components are designed to kill bacteria or biological growth on your system’s indoor coils.
    • Ventilators: This technology helps draw fresh outdoor air into your home while directing stale indoor air outside.
    • Whole-House Humidifiers: These units help prevent overly dry air by circulating moisture vapor through your home’s HVAC air ducts.
    • Carbon Monoxide Alarms: This technology alerts you when toxic levels of CO are present in your home.

Each of the above air quality products can help add one more layer of protection to your indoor air quality control plan.

Trust 3H AC Indoor Air Quality Experts to Help You Breathe Easier

You can trust the air quality control experts at 3H AC to guide you through the decisions that will help you improve the breathability of your indoor air, maximizing comfort and doing a great deal of good for everyone who shares your space. If you’re in the Tampa Bay Area of Florida, call us today. We’ll show you how the right IAQ products can help to improve your breathing and your health.

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