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Pool Heaters

Pool Heater Installation & Repair

Your Tampa Pool Heater Specialists

Pool heating serves the essential purpose of maintaining a comfortable and enjoyable water temperature in swimming pools, enabling individuals to extend their swimming season beyond the warm summer months. These devices are particularly popular in Tampa homes with pools covered by a screen cage, which blocks the natural heat from the sun. Pool heaters come in various types, including electric, gas, and solar heaters, each offering unique benefits to cater to different preferences and environmental considerations.

The benefits of a pool heater extend beyond simply extending the swimming season. Firstly, a heated pool enhances overall comfort, making it more enjoyable for swimmers and creating an inviting atmosphere for social gatherings. Moreover, a pool heater allows homeowners to make the most of their financial investment in a swimming pool, ensuring it remains a versatile and year-round source of recreation and relaxation.

 At 3H AC of Tampa, we install and repair all models of gas and heat pump pool heaters and an experienced and thorough team handles each service call to get the job done right.

Our Pool Heater Service Areas

We serve Hillsborough, Pinellas and Pasco counties and surrounding areas

Brandon, FL
Carrollwood, FL
Dade City, FL

Land O’ Lakes, FL
Lutz, FL
Odessa, FL

Palm Harbor, FL
St. Petersburg, FL
Tampa, FL

Temple Terrace, FL
Wesley Chapel, FL

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The Differences Between Heat Pump and Gas Pool Heaters

Heat Pump Pool Heaters

A heat pump system may be the way to go if you are looking for an efficient way to keep your pool water warm all year. These operate similarly to a heat pump in your home, drawing heat from the air and transferring it to your pool water.

Because heat pumps transfer heat from the air to your pool’s water instead of generating it, they tend to use less power than other pool heaters. As a result, they are an excellent, cost-effective choice if you want to keep your pool around the same temperature all the time.

A figure called the coefficient of performance represents the efficiency of heat pump pool heaters. A higher COP number on your pool heater in Tampa indicates greater efficiency and lower operating costs.

Pros of Heat Pumps
  • Cost-effective
  • Energy efficient
  • Good in moderate temperatures
Cons of Heat Pumps
  • May struggle in temperatures below 50 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Take considerable time to heat the water

Gas Pool Heaters

If quick heating is a bigger priority than efficiency, you may be interested in a gas pool heater. These directly heat the water using a gas burner, so the temperature change will happen more rapidly. Gas heaters are a good choice if you only use your pool occasionally and want to be able to adjust the temperature right before jumping in.

Pros of Gas Pool Heaters
  • Work well regardless of outside temperature
  • Heat water quickly
Cons of Gas Pool Heaters
  • More expensive to operate
  • Rely on fossil fuels
  • Must have natural gas or an LP tank


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