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5 Air Conditioner Myths That Could Cost You

Air Conditioner Myths: Air Filters

In the Tampa area, HVAC services are one of the most common services a homeowner or business will need however with the many different opinions that circulate from unqualified people, it’s no surprise that there are many different myths that surround the HVAC industry as a whole.

We’re going to go over the top 5 most common air conditioner myths that come up time and time again during service calls or in conversations with people in general.


Myth: Filter changes only need to be done once per year.

Fact: While many people believe this is true, and your HVAC system will continue to run without changing them more consistently, this is the single biggest mistake we come across in the HVAC industry.

Your filter should be changed monthly, especially if you have pets or are in and out of the home often. Consistent filter changes don’t just protect family, friends, and coworkers from air quality contaminants. They also help protect your HVAC system from premature failure. That’s right, your filter helps keep your HVAC system running longer by preventing build-up of dirt and dust on parts allowing it to run at its best for longer.

Myth: The biggest HVAC system you can afford is always best

Fact: This could not be further from the truth. An oversized HVAC system will not run efficiently. One of the reasons we have air conditioning in the Tampa area is to remove humidity from a home or business. HVAC systems that are oversized will not run long enough to properly remove humidity from the air.

Sizing is one of the biggest considerations when replacing an HVAC system. If you have made changes to your home or business like and addition, chances are your old system may not be the right size anymore. Our expert HVAC technicians can help properly size your next HVAC system keep you cool and comfortable!

Myth: HVAC Systems do not need maintenance until they break

Fact: If you like expensive repairs this is totally the route you want to go! Proper maintenance also allows HVAC technicians to replace wearable parts before they actually break which can cause more damage to your HVAC system.

Did you know we offer maintenance plans that give your entire HVAC system a check twice a little more than a cup of coffee every month! Now while you’re sitting back enjoying all those cups of coffee each morning you can do so knowing your HVAC system is in tip-top shape.

Myth: You can easily find air leaks around your home or business.

Fact: Most homes and businesses tend to be a lot like a bag with a lot of holes in it. Since this is the case, it can be very difficult to track down an air leak. A professional can inspect the ductwork to make sure no sections have come apart. However, that does not account for issues within the building itself. One of the biggest things you can do for your HVAC system is making so you have the proper amount of insulation so your HVAC system doesn’t have to run overtime.

Myth: The best way to heat or cool your home or business is to turn up the thermostat.

Fact: If your HVAC system is not working properly, turning up the thermostat may not help at all. Damaged HVAC systems, leaky HVAC systems, improperly sized systems, etc. all may not be able to properly heat or cool the space they are in. When your HVAC system does not seem to be cooling like normal it’s time to start looking at potential issues with your HVAC system or the building it’s in for efficiency problems.

If your HVAC system is not working as it should, contact the air conditioning pros at 3HAC in Tampa, FL, to schedule an appointment today!

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