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AC Running Constantly? 10 Common Reasons Why

AC Running Constantly? 10 Common Reasons Why | 3H Contracting Inc.

Summers just around the corner here in Tampa and we all know that comes with increased energy expenses to help keep everything cool and comfortable. One day you go outside for a while on a nice cool day and notice the AC unit is still running, somethings up…

If that sounds familiar you likely have an issue that is driving your electric bill up higher and higher, day by day. HVAC systems that do not stop for a period of time, even on hot days, are an indication that there is a problem. In older homes, this can be related to not having enough insulation but, if your AC unit had times when it stopped between cycles and not its not stopping, you have a problem!

So here it is, the Top 10 Reasons Your AC is Running Constantly.

  1. Dirty Evaporator Coil – This is a very common mistake. Over time in our area, the evaporator coil in your HVAC or AC system can get tiny particles of dust, hair, or other debris that clog up the airflow. With proper filter changes you can help protect the evaporator coil from getting dirty too quickly but over time, even with proper filter changes, it still needs to be cleaned.

  2. Clogged Air Filter – As mentioned above, your air filter helps protect the rest of your HVAC or AC system from becoming dirty too quickly and causing premature wear to parts as well. Filters should be replaced every 45-90 days at a minimum. It’s easier to remember to do it on the 1st of the month though and that helps keep your HVAC system running as best it can.

  3. Restrictive Filters – Higher MERV value filters can restrict airflow. Unless your family has allergies that require the use of high MERV filters, sometimes you are better off using a lower grade filter (not the lowest) to help allow better air flow.

  4. Frozen Evaporator Coil – There are a few things that can cause the evaporator coil to freeze up but if your HVAC system is blowing warm air from the vents, it’s time to call a professional. Don’t forget to shut the system off while you wait for someone to come look at the problem.

  5. Low Refrigerant Charge – HVAC systems are closed systems. This means that if there are no problems with your system you should never lose refrigerant. Unfortunately, sometimes HVAC systems spring a small leak and over time you will notice the AC unit working harder to keep an area cool. Eventually, it will not be able to keep up and that’s when usually find leaks.

  6. Faulty Thermostat – This is fairly common too. Sometimes ac unit thermostats go bad and do not know to tell the HVAC system to turn off (or on).

  7. Leaky ductwork – Overtime ductwork can begin to leak into walls, under buildings, in the attic, etc. when it does, you start rapidly losing cool air and noticing an increase in run time on your unit and an increasing electric bill.

  8. Dirty/Blocked Condensor – This is the AC unit outside that everything sees. Over time dirt can accumulate in the coils restricting airflow and making your HVAC system not cool properly. This can also happen if you are putting a lot of stuff right up against your unit not allowing it to breathe properly.

  9. Blower Motor Issues – If your blower motor is not running properly this can cause a huge drop in airflow resulting in poor cooling. The blower motor is one of the parts your filter is also supposed to protect so over time, if a lot of dirt builds up on it, it can cause problems.

  10. Incorrectly sized units – This is very common in situations where someone built an addition and did not take their current HVAC system into consideration. A unit that’s not sized properly will run much more often to try and keep a space cool.

Most of the time issues can be prevented with proper maintenance, filter changes, etc. In the event your AC is running constantly, give us a call and we can help try and point you in the right direction or send a tech out if need be.

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