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How To Select an HVAC Installation Contractor

How To Select an HVAC Installation Contractor | 3H Contracting Inc.
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If you are researching or contemplating a future HVAC installation, you should first assess your present HVAC unit to determine whether or not you genuinely need a new heating and cooling unit. If you decide it’s definitely time you should consult a reputable HVAC company to inspect your home or business and make recommendations based on what they see.

Generally, an HVAC installer will consider some factors such as energy usage, climate condition, and the structure size—all of which, when combined, give details about your facility’s needs. This article provides a brief description of things you should know or find out before installing commercial HVAC.

Check the HVAC Warranty

Have you had the opportunity to inquire about the warranty you are being offered for your HVAC? A decent warranty should cover both the manufacturer and the installation. We actually offer 10 year warranties on some of our RUDD HVAC systems!

Knowing the unit’s warranty is beneficial because it allows you to know what kind of repair costs you’ll potentially be responsible for. Warranty period also lets you know how well both the company and manufacture stand behind their products.

Learn the Details of Your Future Maintenance Contract

One of the most important—yet sometimes overlooked—components of getting a new HVAC system is maintenance. We mention this because, although installation is a significant investment that will have a considerable influence on your bills, maintenance is what ensures your system function as it should, providing you with comfort, humidity control, and ideally an energy-efficient HVAC system. It also aids in ensuring that your equipment lasts as long as it should.

If your estimate does not include a maintenance plan, make sure to inquire about it. Ask how often maintenance is conducted and whether or not your HVAC contractor will provide service 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Did we mention we offer emergency HVAC services to the Tampa area?

You want to make sure you invest in what makes economic sense and what positions you to save money over the life of the HVAC system.

Do a Background Check of the HVAC Company

Only use licensed HVAC contractors in the Tampa area! Tampa has a lot of “HVAC experts” that are not licensed, don’t stand behind their products or services. References are another good form of background check to make sure you are working with a quality HVAC contractor in the Tampa area.

Check for Estimated Timeline for HVAC Installation

Timelines are critical for your HVAC system install. They also show a solid comprehension of the project and the work at hand. Again, be sure that these elements are completed before the start of your project. This is not the kind of project you want to become a hassle or take longer than necessary because once your old HVAC is removed, there is no way of properly cooling your home or business until a replacement is installed.

There are a lot of things to be considered when choosing HVAC installation contractor for your next heating and cooling project. Failure to select a quality contractor could result in unexpected expenses, shorter life on your new HVAC system, or not having work completed in a timely manner. Contact us today for a free estimate on your next HVAC installation!

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