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Common HVAC Issues in Brandon, FL and How to Troubleshoot Them

HVAC issues

Now that you’re reading this post, you’re most likely experiencing HVAC issues yourself. Perhaps the air conditioner in your Brandon, FL, home doesn’t want to turn on. Or maybe it does, but it’s not cooling your home enough, or it may even be blowing hot air!

All those are common HVAC problems that, fortunately, can sometimes be easy enough for you to fix.

We’ll tell you about these heating and cooling woes (and how to troubleshoot them) in more detail, so read on.

No Power or Not Turning On

Check the thermostat; someone may have accidentally set it to OFF. If its screen is empty, replace the batteries and set it back to ON.

If the thermostat isn’t the problem, a tripped circuit breaker may be to blame for this common HVAC issue. The breaker may have tripped due to a power surge, short circuit, or overcurrent. If this is the first time it has happened, then all you may need to do is reset the breaker.

Your HVAC system has a dedicated, labeled breaker in your main service panel. You may also have a separate one if you have an outdoor unit.

If the breaker tripped, the switch for your HVAC system would be in the OFF position. Slide or toggle this back to the other end to turn it to the ON position.

Still not the breaker’s fault? Then, your system may have automatically powered off due to an overheating motor. Instead of continuing its operation, it switched off to prevent severe motor damage.

In that last scenario, the best approach is to call an HVAC repair company. This is because the motor is among the most complex parts of your HVAC system. Therefore, it’s best to let an experienced technician handle and fix the problem.

Not Enough Hot or Cold Air

Is your system turned on but feels like it’s not heating or cooling your home enough? Then, the first thing you need to determine is if you have clogged air filters.

Many common HVAC problems often start from clogged filters since these impede airflow. That’s also why they can cause your system to heat or cool your home insufficiently.

If you haven’t replaced or washed your HVAC filters for months, they’re likely full of dirt. So, to fix your current issue (and prevent future ones), change your filters as often as needed.

For example, if you have pets or live near a busy street in Brandon, FL, you may need to replace filters monthly. Do the same if you use wood-burning appliances, such as a fireplace. Another situation is if you or any household member is among the 50 million people in the U.S. with allergies.

Heating Instead of Cooling

Reverse cycle HVAC systems provide both heating and cooling functions. If you have this at home, and it’s heating instead of cooling (or vice versa), check your thermostat first. Someone may have unintentionally switched its setting to HEAT mode, so just put it back to COOL.

If it’s in COOL mode, but the air still feels warm, the culprit may be a clogged outdoor unit.

Also known as the condenser unit, the outdoor unit expels hot air outside. This hot air is the byproduct of the cooling process.

Since it sits outside, the condenser unit can become clogged with outdoor contaminants. There’s dirt, dust, particle matter, leaves, twigs, and even small pieces of trash.

Clogs can “choke” your outdoor unit, preventing it from expelling hot air. This may cause the air to flow back into your home instead. As a result, it may feel like your indoor HVAC unit circulates warm air.

You can try to fix the issue by turning off your HVAC system and cleaning the outdoor unit. Remove larger debris first and then brush away any dirt or dust build-up. All sides of the box should also have a two-foot clearance.

If you see significant debris and grime build up on and inside the unit, call the pros instead. This way, you can avoid damaging its fragile metal fins. HVAC repair specialists have specialized tools designed to clean these components.

It Runs Nonstop

If your air conditioner constantly runs, clogged air filters may again be behind it. Your air vents may also be filthy, or something blocks them.

The latter often happens to vents near the floor, as they can get blocked by furniture and other large items. Someone may have also closed the movable vent covers.

So, after ensuring you have clean filters, check all your air vents are clean and free of obstructions. If they are, and your AC still doesn’t stop, it’s time to call the pros.


Have you noticed your HVAC system turning on and off constantly and faster than it used to? For instance, it kicks on only to turn off after 5 minutes. If so, you’re likely experiencing short cycling.

Short cycling is when a system fails to complete its heating or cooling process. How long this is depends on the size of the equipment and the space it needs to heat or cool. For a typical home, it should take about 15 to 20 minutes.

Short cycling often occurs due to an oversized or undersized HVAC system. However, clogged filters may be to blame if it’s only a few years old and this is the first time this issue occurred.

If you have clean air filters, though, the problem may be due to:

  • Low refrigerant levels
  • Frozen or filthy evaporator coils
  • Leaky air ducts

Those three culprits aren’t your typical DIY repair projects, though. Especially not the first one; it can put you at risk of refrigerant poisoning. So, if you suspect they’re behind your short-cycling system, please call a professional.

Need Professional Help With These HVAC Issues?

If your HVAC issues persist after troubleshooting them, it’s time to phone our experts here at 3H AC.

At 3H AC, we are proud to have over 50 years of experience delivering high-quality HVAC services. All our technicians are highly experienced, qualified, and trained. We serve Brandon, Tampa, and other nearby cities and offer 24/7 emergency service.

So, if your HVAC system breaks down at night or during the weekend, we’ve got you covered. Reach out to us today to schedule your appointment!

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