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The Role of Thermostats in HVAC Efficiency in Saint Petersburg, FL

HVAC efficiency smart thermostat

In recent years, reports have revealed that approximately 20% of American homes have inefficient HVAC systems that cost homeowners almost $900 more than they should each year. They’ve also suggested that, if those who live in these homes worked to make their HVAC systems more efficient, it could result in the U.S. as a whole using 8% less electricity every year.

Is your home’s HVAC efficiency lacking? If so, there are so many ways you can improve HVAC efficiency quickly without spending a small fortune. For example, making sure you replace your HVAC filter every 3 months can work wonders for the efficiency of your HVAC system.

You should also take the time to learn about the importance of a thermostat when it comes to HVAC efficiency. By either changing the way in which you use your current home thermostat or figuring out how to choose a thermostat that’s more efficient than the one you have now, you can improve HVAC efficiency by leaps and bounds.

Find out more about the role of thermostats in HVAC efficiency in Saint Petersburg, FL below.

What Is a Thermostat?

A thermostat is a device that is used to control the HVAC system in a Saint Petersburg, FL home. It’s responsible for keeping tabs on the temperature in a home and turning its HVAC system on and off as necessary to maintain the right temperature.

With this in mind, it’ll be very important for a thermostat to be strategically positioned in the right place in a home. It should be situated on an interior wall in the middle of a room in your home that you utilize on a regular basis. A living room is usually one of the best places to put a thermostat in your house.

It’ll also be very important for you to learn how to use the thermostat in your home. Whether you have an older thermostat that needs to be adjusted manually or a smart thermostat that you can adjust from your smartphone or another device, you’ll need to have a great understanding of how your specific thermostat works to stop it from taking a toll on your HVAC efficiency.

How Does a Thermostat Impact HVAC Efficiency?

A thermostat can have an impact on HVAC efficiency in lots of different ways. Even though it may not seem as though it would have much of an effect on HVAC efficiency, it can drag down the most energy-efficient HVAC system if you allow it to.

If you have a very old thermostat that you can’t program at all, it’s going to let your HVAC system run for hours on end unless you’re around to adjust it. It also might not be able to get an accurate reading on the temperature in your home, which could result in your HVAC system running for longer than it should.

As we alluded to earlier, the positioning of your thermostat can also affect your HVAC efficiency. If you have your thermostat near a window where the sun might shine on it or near an exterior door where it might be exposed to the air from outside all the time, it might struggle to read the temperature in the room in which you’ve put it. This could lead to it telling your HVAC system to stay on when it shouldn’t be running.

For each of these reasons, you should aim to both get your hands on the best thermostat possible for your home and figure out where you should put it and how you should use it. Doing these things can improve HVAC efficiency without you doing anything other than familiarizing yourself with your thermostat.

What Are the Best Types of Thermostats?

If you’ve had the same thermostat in your home for more than a decade now, it’s definitely time for you to upgrade it. Older thermostats simply aren’t going to cut it anymore when it comes to improving HVAC efficiency in Saint Petersburg, FL.

As you shop for a new one, you’ll find that there are several types of thermostats you can buy. From non-programmable thermostats to smart thermostats, you should consider all the available options.

Once you do this, it’ll be clear that you need to add a smart thermostat to your home. It’ll provide you with the ability to take control of your thermostat from anywhere in your home and, more importantly, from just about anywhere in the world.

You’ll also find that a smart thermostat will get to know you and your family’s heating and cooling habits over time. You can set it to automatically adjust the temperature in your home based on how cool or warm you tend to like it in your house at different times throughout the day.

Who Should You Trust to Install a New Thermostat?

Now that you have a better idea of how to improve HVAC efficiency through the use of the right thermostat, would you like to have a new thermostat installed? A great residential HVAC company in Saint Petersburg, FL should be able to supply you with the right smart thermostat and put it in place for you.

You can rely on 3H AC Experts to set you up with a smart thermostat you’ll love. You can also count on us to show you how to make the most of this new thermostat. It’ll have you improving your HVAC efficiency in no time at all.

Invest in a New Thermostat to Improve HVAC Efficiency Immediately

Are you spending an arm and a leg to heat or cool your home each month? Things don’t have to be this way. You can improve the HVAC efficiency of your HVAC system by making an investment in a new thermostat.

3H AC Experts can walk you through several of the best smart thermostats that money can buy in 2023. We can also handle installing this thermostat so that you can begin putting it to good use right away. You’ll notice a big bump in HVAC efficiency in Saint Petersburg, FL from the start.

Reach out to us today for all your Saint Petersburg, FL heating and cooling maintenance needs.

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